What is a Free Evaluation?

A Free Evaluation is exactly what you think it is: We talk about your case – for free.

We’re sick of hearing that attorneys are only “in it for the money.” We offer free evaluations of any claim. Ward will meet with you in person, speak with you over the phone (Toll Free: 1-866-452-3741) or via e-mail to help you understand Alaskan law and your legal rights. You have nothing to lose. And although our practice is dedicated to personal injury and wrongful death claims, we’ll help anybody get good legal representation.

With a Free Evaluation, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Free consultations can take up to one hour. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you so up front. We’ll also recommend another qualified attorney – again at no charge to you.

If an insurance adjuster tells you that your claim isn’t covered, makes you an unfair offer, or tells you “That’s all I can do.” call a qualified attorney and get the whole truth.


Contingent Fee

What is a Contingent Fee?

A “contingent fee” or “contingent fee agreement” means that:

1) You only pay your attorney a fee if your attorney recovers on your behalf.

  • Your attorney is paid a percentage of what is recovered for you.
  • Contingent fee rates are normally 33% of your gross recovery.
  • Contingent fee rates may be higher or lower, depending on your claim’s complexity and other factors.

2) If your attorney does not recover on your behalf, you pay your attorney no fee. No recovery, no fee.

A contingent fee agreement makes hiring an attorney smart.
It provides your attorney with an incentive to work hard and to work smart.
Contingent fees minimize the financial risks of losing your claim.

Free Evaluations. Contingents Fees.

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