Mark Acord

Mark Acord

Born: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Raised: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Education: AAS (Process Technology): University of Alaska, Southeast
Occupational Education – Military (3 Levels) United States Air Force
Associations: Air Force Association Life Member
Face-Off Club Member (UAF Men’s D-I Hockey) since 2010
North American Hunting Club Life Member.
marka [at]
Community Service:
Women in Crisis Center Volunteer (1998-2001)
Stand Up Volunteer (Fairbanks Veterans Center) Partnering Local Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Business Owners and Interior Residents.)
Specialities: Medical Chronologies
Accident Reconstruction
Interests: Anything Outdoors: Hunting (whether I bag anything or not) Dip Netting, Fishing, Four-Wheeling, Hiking, Camping, Chopping and Stacking Firewood for Winter, Gardening (when I put one in); Tending the Yard, Trees and Perennials, My Dog, Time with Amy, My Way-Better “Half” (Usually My Better Three Quarters, One Nickel and (sometimes) Two Pennies) and Our Grandkids.
Favorite Quotes:

“I graduated in the top half of the lower fifty percent of my class.”
{Lieutenant General, RET, Hal Moore on his graduation from West Point}

“Studded tires increase traction by 300%, 300% of zero is still zero.”
{Eielson Commander on the Critical Need for Winter Driving Skills}

Integrity first… Service before self… Excellence in all we do…
{United State Air Force Core Values}

About Mark:
Mark joined us in 2009, after serving in the Air Force for 20 years. He is our primary Record Technician and crash scene investigator. As a Records Technician, Mark is unparalleled. His meticulous combing of our clients’ medical files results in clean medical chronologies surpassing anything we receive from insurance companies, defense law firms and commercial record-collection firms. Mark looks both for what is there … and more importantly – what is missing. As a result of Mark’s hard work, we know our client’s cases – their treatment history – better than ever before. Juries use Mark’s medical chronologies to understand the whole picture.
Mark recently completed his formal Accident Reconstruction training. He performs scene investigations – and is who clients will likely meet to photograph, measure and discuss the incident that injured them. Mark is bright, thoughtful, hard-working and compassionate. We are fortunate to have Mark Acord at the Merdes Law Firm.

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